Attitudes, Behaviors, and Intentions

One of the challenges we face in evaluating the success of the Young Clergy Initiative is our primary outcome of interest – to “increase the number of young clergy among the jurisdictional conferences” – may not fully come to fruition for a number of years given the long road to ordination many YCI participants will still have to travel. As we wait for a measurement of our primary outcome of interest, we can measure attitudes, behaviors, and intentions as early indicators of success.

Take a second and remember if you’re a project director or if you’re a project participant, then choose the appropriate evaluation below.

Project Directors

Project Directors are required to complete one reports every twelve months due by December 31. This report asks about participant numbers, pre/post survey acknowledgement, your project’s story, and your observations.

Project Participants

Project Participants are required to complete surveys to measure attitudes, behaviors, and intentions related to ordained ministry at the beginning and end of their project experience. All participant surveys must be submitted online. Participant responses are anonymous though they will indicate which project they are participating in.


An upcoming gathering of influencers, recipients, and anyone interested to discuss what we’ve learned from the Young Clergy Initiative and what steps we can take next.