The Young Clergy Initiative is a $7 million fund created by General Conference in 2012 and 2016 that is charged with increasing the number of young clergy within jurisdictional conferences of The United Methodist Church by encouraging opportunities that leverage for denominational change on systemic and cultural levels through various conversationseventsexperimentsresourcesresearch, and training.

The YCI invites grant requests that assist young people to listen fordiscern, and respond well to God’s call to ordained ministry.

Request for Proposals
Legislation Text


JANUARY 15 – applications open
MARCH 15 – applications close and the review process begins
APRIL 4 – GBHEM staff review the applications
APRIL 25 – GBHEM Board of Directors determine awards
MAY 10 – awards are announced
MAY 17 – awards acknowledge is due
MAY 20 – funding disbursement process begins
JUNE – project directors meet online
AUGUST 15 – report 1 is due
DECEMBER 15 – report 2 is due
APRIL 15 – report 3 is due

Surveys & Evaluations


Relationships are more important than programs.

It takes time to change a culture… longer than you think.

Youth are feeling called but not into ministry areas many leaders are focused on.

Leaders want help with having vocational discernment conversations.

Youth want to be in conversation with other youth about their discernment.


A variety of projectsprograms, and experiences are supported by the Young Clergy Initiative. Find out who’s being supported, what type of work they’re doing, and where those experiences are being offered.

Project List



but when you do apply, keep in mind…

  • How well does this project connect with other organizations(agencies, BOMs, seminaries, bishops, annual conferences, and cabinets)
  • How tightly is the project’s purpose tied to the purpose of the YCI(increase the # of young clergy)
  • Are the project’s goals clearly defined?
  • Are the project’s finances feasible?
2019 Applications Questions

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