vocational discernment coordinator

The VDC coordinates the candidacy mentoring process in their annual conference. They coordinateimplement, and strengthen the candidacy process through recruitingtraining, and assigning mentors to new candidates…


  • Coordinating candidacy mentoring across the annual conference.
  • Being that one person who’s a consistent contact concerning the candidacy process.
  • Connecting dCOMs, BOMs, and district superintendents to make sure correct information is shared.
  • Ensuring the process remains a vocational discernment process and NOT “hoops to jump through”.
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Network Gathering

monday, february 24
1:00pm eastern

Join us for a time of connecting, celebrating one another, offering ideas, and praying with and for our colleagues in the midst of vocational discernment work. The call will be recorded and posted on the resource page for anyone who can’t join the call.

Call Link Coming Soon

the coordinators

…because it’s not getting done by robots.

Dan Baughman

Alabama-West Florida

Michelle Moore

Vida Williams

John Wunderlich


Jeffrey Hall


Darin Arntson


Cathy Wilson


Chris Hayes

Christie Robbins

Deb Kjerstad

Dee Dee Azhikakath

Desert Southwest

Cindy Patterson

Andrew Krpata

Eastern Pennsylvania

Ashlee Alley Crawford

Larry Potts

Greater New Jersey

Brad Hyde

Katherine Crozier

Illinois-Great Rivers

Aleze Fulbright

Emily Krach

Matthew Leffler

Shannon Stringer

Lanette Plambeck

Lisa Steel

Katie McKay Simpson

Heidi Geib

Tommy Ward

Karen Hayden

Brian Clark

Tammy Jackson

Amie Stewart

North Carolina

Karen Kaglyama

North Georgia

Tonya Lawrence

Jill Jackson-Sears

North Texas

Caleb Hong

Northern Illinois

Richard Enns

Courtney McHill

Brian Shimer


Jan Bolerjack

Pacific Northwest

Joseph Cate

South Carolina

Megan Gray

South Carolina

Brad Fiscus

Deborah Proctor

Leland Carlson

Crystal Martin

Lindsey Baynham

Joanna Dietz

Suzanne Ellis

West Virginia

Bonnie MacDonald

West Virginia

Annalee Allen

Western North Carolina

Janet Lord

Western Pennsylvania

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