The Journey Toward Ordained Ministry

The Journey Toward Ordained Ministry is a scholarship and mentor experience for college and seminary students pursuing ordination in The United Methodist Church. The $5,000/year scholarship and mentor support also includes an annual weekend retreat at GBHEM to learn more about the ordination process, self-awareness, and interview skills.

To be eligible, you must be pursing ordination as an elder or deacon, 29 years old or younger, attending a United Methodist related school, and have a minimum 2.85 (graduate) or 3.0 (doctorate) GPA.

Applications are open January-March.

Retreat Schedule


Begin your pre-retreat modules.

  1. Who we are
  2. Your award (with a quiz)
  3. Our covenant
  4. Your path to ordination
  5. Telling your story
  6. Your personality type (with an assessment)
  7. Your spiritual gifts (with an assessment)

Friday, Aug 19

This retreat session begins at 1:00pm CT and ends by 5:00pm CT.

  1. Group photo
  2. The ordination process
  3. Interviews (1): “Leadership and Call”
  4. Interview debrief
  5. Interview Do’s and Don’ts

Saturday, Aug. 20

This retreat session begins at 9:00am CT and ends by 12:00pm CT.

  1. Self-Awareness: personality types, personality worship types, and spiritual gifts.
  2. Interviews (2): “Theology”
  3. Interview debrief
  4. Interviews (3): “Worship and Sacraments”
  5. Interview debrief
  6. Planning your next steps