April 26, 2013


Workshops are an opportunity to learn more about a particular topic of interest. Participants may select up to three workshops when registering for Exploration. Please attend the selected workshops as rooms are assigned and materials prepared based on the number of persons registered for each session. You will receive information on assigned workshops and locations prior to arrival to Exploration.

All workshops will be held on Saturday, November 4.

Certification, Endorsement and Extension Ministry

Ministry happens in a variety of settings – not just within a local church congregation! United Methodist elders and deacons can be ordained to serve in the chaplaincy (ex. hospice, military, hospital) as a pastoral caregiver or spiritual director, or in campus ministry. If you feel a calling to serve God, but aren’t drawn to ministry within a local church, come to this workshop to explore opportunities beyond the church walls.


Deacons are ordained to Word, Service, Compassion, and Justice. Learn from deacons with a variety of specialized ministries and how they serve as bridges between the Church and the world.

Deacon or Elder? Two Paths to Ordination

Learn from a panel of elders and deacons as they share about how they live out their calls to ordination.


Elders are ordained to Word, Order, Table, and Service. Learn from a panel of elders about how they live out their calls to ministry. Panel discussion.

Funding Your Theological Education

You have scholarship options for seminary – some funds come from traditional sources and some from surprising places. Come and discuss some of the resources available to you, including annual conference, denominational, and institutional scholarships.

Navigating the Ordination Process

The United Methodist Church’s candidacy process is the application and discernment process for ordination. We will explain the process, give an overview of the steps to take, and give suggestions on how to work through the process. Learn how you can clarify your call by going through the candidacy process.

The Gifts of Women in Ministry

Women have received full clergy rights for over sixty years in the Methodist tradition. Learn how women can use their gifts in lay and ordained ministry. Small panel discussion.

To Rev or Not to Rev? The Ordination Question

Am I called to ordination? Learn from elders, deacons, and laypersons about how they discerned their paths to lay or ordained ministry.

Working for Change in the World (Mission)

Is your motivation for ministry rooted in mission? Hear about how you can use your call as a starting point for a life of ministry.