May 14, 2015


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Video Stories

These videos can be downloaded by:

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Derrick Scott – The Call to Lay Ministry

Derrick Scott, III unpacks how hearing a pastor say “lay people” are “those people who lay around and do as little as possible” shaped his understanding of what it means to serve God. Derrick asks, “What would it look like if young adults chose to be a school teacher or an airline pilot because God woke them up in the middle of the night? What would it look like if Sheriffs and Senators acted and sounded; even smelled like Jesus?”

Jenny Smith – The Call to Alaska

Jenny Smith moved with her family to Alaska at the age of 9 and found plenty of opportunities to serve her United Methodist church despite her age. In time, this preacher’s kid felt a strong call to ministry herself and became a United Methodist pastor. She says Alaska is an appointment with some special challenges but Rev. Smith has learned how to help people find a church home far away from their families in the lower 48. “There’s naturally something about isolation that causes you to choose something to depend on. And so for many, that ends up becoming God,” says Smith.

Melissa Crutchfield – The Call to Servant Ministry

Melissa Crutchfield has seen the aftermath of countless natural and manmade disasters. Crutchfield has lived or worked in 25 countries as a representative of UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief. Her job is to assess the immediate and long-term recovery needs in communities and look for solutions. The 2010 earthquake in Haiti is particularly memorable for Crutchfield. “It was the perfect storm, personally and professionally,” she recalls. UMCOR employees grieved the loss of two key staff members while responding to an earthquake that killed and displaced hundreds of thousands of Haitians. Crutchfield said working one-on-one with Haitians affected by the disaster helped her own healing and reminded her of the important work UMCOR does

Tyler Sit – The Call to Ordained Ministry

In high school, Tyler Sit began the process of discerning his vocation. He was clear about his talents, passions and shortcomings, and ultimately recognized a calling to the ordained ministry. Becoming a pastor, “was putting a title on what I knew I was already made to do.” Tyler strives to create a sense of calm and playfulness in the church, even in the face of turmoil and change, bringing centeredness back into that community. (Tyler is also a current member of the Higher Education and Ministry’s Board of Directors.)