June 1, 2015

Questions for Further Reflection

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Questions For Further Reflection

Our worship services are typically planned for communities instead of individuals and many times the worship service experience ends after the benediction. The heavy lifting of spiritual growth happens outside of typical Sunday morning worship experience. We are providing some questions to guide worshippers through deeper and personal reflection upon the message throughout the week.

Below is a sample of the Questions for Further Reflection resource.


  • Write in a paragraph or two about your story or developing sense of call.
  • Choose a biblical passage or passages here or elsewhere and write another paragraph or two exploring how it is that God seems to be summoning transformation and/or expressing God’s faithfulness in the Bible.
  • What happens when you put your autobiographical and biblical paragraphs into conversation? What are the points of convergence and divergence? Are there unexpected realizations that broaden your understanding of what discerning a call entails?
  • What questions must be asked and what horizons must be considered beyond your story and the Bible to compel continual growth in understandings of call? Articulate and respond to those questions in another paragraph or two.
  • Take the paragraphs written above and compose and rehearse a sermon that portrays the Holy Spirit calling us in “real life,” in the Bible, and into futures yet unknown.
  • What role does the church play in determining a person’s career path? What role do you think it should play?
  • Can the church help people ponder the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” What has made a difference as you have pondered that question?
  • How can you help in creating a culture of call?
  • What pictures are we giving our people?
  • Do you see yourself as a priest or pew sitter?
  • How are we robbing people of their opportunity to live their call? What can we do this week/month/year to give them that opportunity back?
  • Do you see your call as just personal or as communal?
  • What type of living is your call pulling you towards?
  • How can the spirit and life, hunger-for-joy-through-special-to-you-activities, given to you by God be life giving to others, spiritually and physically?
  • As you reflect on your own call to ministry, where have you seen the Holy Spirit intentionally placing you in contexts that have nurtured and helped define your understanding of God’s cultivation of your particular gifts?
  • How have you responded? What new understandings and insights have come as a result of your faithful response?
  • Have you ever found yourself resisting God’s call? What has kept you from heeding God’s voice, and what was the outcome of your disobedience?

…[download the Questions for Further Reflection resource or the full worship resource]