June 1, 2015

Liturgical Resources

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Liturgical Resources

Included in the liturgical resource are suggested litanies and prayers for use in worship. If you are presenting the material over several weeks, you could create continuity from week to week by inviting the congregation to engage in the same Call to Worship and Benediction each week during the series. If you are celebrating Holy Communion be sure to check out the adaption of The Great Thanksgiving included in this resource! If you use bulletins in your congregation, consider using the poem to create your own original cover art for use during the series.

Below is a sample of the liturgical resource.


Call to Worship
Faithful One, calling in the night
Speak, we’re listening
Still Small Voice, calling in the silence
Speak, we’re listening

Opening Prayer
Praise the One, True Living God
Liberating Flame, burning away our chains
Empowering Flame, burning away our excuses

Praise the Great I AM
Forever and for always bringing
answers out of questions
preparation out of hesitation
yes out of no

Praise our Deliverer,
Who saves and summons
Calling us to new life
Calling us to new life… [download the rest of the liturgical resource or the full worship resource]