May 30, 2015

Commitment Cards

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Commitment Cards

Part of the Called experience is the act of making a commitment to your call. This Commitment Card is one way of sharing a commitment with those who can help with next steps. These commitments can be used as a part of worship and collected in the offering as an offering of talent. They can be collected during Sunday School classes, retreats, or any other gathering. These commitments can be used in some other creative way we haven’t even thought of.

After the commitments have been collected, please take the time to share your results with us through a simple, online form that asks for total numbers of:

  • Commitments collected
  • Those leaning towards ordained ministry
  • Those leaning towards lay ministry
  • Those who are still discerning

These 3×5 cards are available in a one-per-sheet PDF or two-per-sheet PDF.