May 30, 2015


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Worship Resources

The worship resources are available for download as a full resource or in sections.

Liturgical Resources

Included in the liturgical resource are suggested litanies and prayers for use in worship. If you are presenting the material over several weeks, you could create continuity from week to week by inviting the congregation to engage in the same Call to Worship and Benediction each week during the series. If you are celebrating Holy Communion be sure to check out the adaption of The Great Thanksgiving included in this resource! If you use bulletins in your congregation, consider using the poem to create your own original cover art for use during the series.

Sermon Starters

Some may have been confused at first about the voice they were hearing, as Samuel was when he first heard the voice of God calling him in the tent (see 1 Samuel 3:1-10). Others may have felt inadequate to respond at first, as in the case of Moses (see Exodus 3:1-12). Still others may have resisted, but God’s persistent voice presented in different ways eventually provided clarity. Every person’s experience of God’s call is different. Instead of offering complete sermons, we’re offering stories you can tell in your own sermons by four writers exploring how they have wrestled with God’s call in their own lives and how they understand God, call, church, and community working together to shape us all into who God has created us to be.

Questions For Further Reflection

Our worship services are typically planned for communities instead of individuals and many times the worship service experience ends after the benediction. The heavy lifting of spiritual growth happens outside of typical Sunday morning worship experience. We are providing some questions to guide worshippers through deeper and personal reflection upon the message throughout the week.

Video Stories

Not many things are more powerful than hearing someone tell their own story. We have four stories of varying durations from four diverse storytellers who share with you nuggets of how the have listened, discerned, and responded to God’s call on their life.

Commitment Cards

We not only want to hear how God has made us unique to serve a purpose in the world, we want to have an opportunity to respond. These commitment cards can be distributed at any time but at the end of the Called experience is preferred. These cards allow your congregation to share with you where they are personally in their discernment. We hope you will use these card to help you identify those who are struggling to understand who God is calling them to be as well as those who found a sense of peace about it. We also hope you will reach out to those who are feeling called into ordained ministry, sharing time with them, offering them The Christian As Minister, and giving them opportunities to test their call within their own worship community.