May 14, 2015

Implementation Suggestions

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Implementation Suggestions

These resources are not static resources that must be used in one particular way. As you plan through implementing any or all of these experiences, keep in mind your context. Adjust any or all of the current material to suit your needs.

Vocation Preparation Video

What does it mean to have a “vocation”? If I love Jesus, do I have to be a preacher? Watch this video and find out…


To make the Called experience a bit more visual, we offer various graphics to support your general promotion of Called, worship presentations, or the children’s curriculum, Discovery Peak. All graphics are available in JPEG, PDF, or PNG (transparent background) formats.

Worship Resources

The worship resources can be used in their entirety or in bits and pieces. They have been designed to be used as a group or individually. They can be used during four Sunday morning worship services in conjunction with Sunday School. They could also be used in a worship setting outside of Sunday morning or even a weekend retreat. Even the time of year this experience can be offered is flexible. Pentecost would be a wonderful time to discern the call God has placed on our lives but Lent could also be a time to set ourselves apart and discern how our call can be used to strengthen the church we are baptized into. Allow your imagination to run wild and know anytime is a good time to think about who God is shaping us to be.

Education Resources

Discovery Peak, the educational resource for children (K-5th grade) and youth (6th-12th grade), are written in four sessions. These sessions can be offered as Sunday School curriculum, your after-school program, or as part of your Vacation Bible School experience. The youth curriculum is also written in four sessions. These could also be offered as Sunday School curriculum or UMYF programs. The youth resource also offers a retreat/discussion guide if you’d prefer to offer this experience in a completely new way. These two educational resources are also flexible. Choose to use the games, lessons, graphics, or discussion guides as a unit or as pieces of an experience you already have planned. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.