May 30, 2015

Children’s Curriculum

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Children’s Curriculum – Discovery Peak (K-5th grade)

When kids think about “call,” the first things that come to mind are likely someone calling them on the phone or a person shouting their name to beckon them to do something. In Discovery Peak, the children’s curriculum resource for K-5th graders, kids will discover the special and unique call that God has for each one of us. Like climbers trying to reach the top of a mountain, they must rely on more than an audible voice to communicate. Hand signals, body language, common knowledge of the climb, and sensory clues in their environment all play a role in communication that helps them to reach the peak of their climb.

Below is a sample of the children’s curriculum resource, Discovery Peak.



Bible Story: A boy and his lunch
Bible Point: Serve God
Peak Point: Kids will discover that they can serve God

APPROACH: The Route to Start Your Discovery
Time: 5-10 minutes

  • Fish-shaped crackers
  • Cups
  • Plastic bag

Say: Welcome to Discovery Peak, where we’re discovering God’s call. What do you think of when you hear the word “call?”

Allow kids to answer.

Say: When we hear of the word call, we think of a cell phone or someone shouting our name to ask us to do something. When God call us, he is asking us to do something for him—to serve him.

Leader tells about his/her call to teach Sunday school.

Say: God won’t call us on a cell phone and we won’t hear God’ voice from afar… [download the full children’s curriculum resource, Discovery Peak]

Support Graphics

Discovery Peak offers various types of support graphics:

  • Full-Color Circle Logo
  • One-Color Circle Logo
  • Full-Color Portrait Logo
  • Full-Color Landscaped Logo
  • Full-Color Wallpaper Background
  • 4 pages of One-Color Clipart

All support graphics are available in multiple formats (PDF, JPEG, and PNG (transparent background)). This flexibility allows you to use these images in any way that best suits your context.