May 29, 2015

Educational Resources

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Educational Resources

Children’s Curriculum – Discovery Peak (K-5th grade)

When kids think about “call,” the first things that come to mind are likely someone calling them on the phone or a person shouting their name to beckon them to do something. In Discovery Peak, the children’s curriculum resource for K-5th graders, kids will discover the special and unique call that God has for each one of us. Like climbers trying to reach the top of a mountain, they must rely on more than an audible voice to communicate. Hand signals, body language, common knowledge of the climb, and sensory clues in their environment all play a role in communication that helps them to reach the peak of their climb.

Youth Curriculum (6th-12th grade)

What we offer in the youth curriculum resource for 6th-12th graders, are all the ideas/instructions to host a weekend calling retreat OR a multi-week teaching/discussion OR a multi-week small group study. We’re offering the teaching content in two formats (classroom and retreat/discussion) and included everything else you need to support a retreat (field games, upfront games, worship sets, etc.) – all in one document.