called to make a difference


God calls everyone into ministry, but ministry means more than ordination. CALLED explores how to listen for God’s voice, discern what you’ve heard, and respond faithfully.

journey toward ordained ministry

JTOM is a leadership development experience and scholarship for ethnic minority college/seminary students pursuing ordained ministry in the UMC.

young clergy initiative

The YCI is a 3-quadrennium effort to enable the UMC through targeted grants to encourage young adults in their response to a call into ordained ministry.


EXPLORATION is a 3-day event for young adults to listen, discern, and respond to God’s call to ordained ministry and explore their gifts for service as a deacon or elder in the UMC.

The Young Clergy Initiative

There shall be a Young Clergy Initiative Fund which provides support to increase the number of young clergy among the jurisdictional conferences. This begins a three-quadrennium effort to enable The United Methodist Church to focus efforts on encouraging young adults who wish to respond to the call to ordained ministry to receive a strong theological education in the United Methodist tradition in preparation for ordination. This initiative is in addition to the funds that the church already has budgeted for discernment, recruitment, nurturing, education, and support of young clergy leaders. [Read more…]

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god is calling you

For centuries, God's people have been following 3 simple practices to discover what God is calling them to.
God and others are talking.
How are you listening?
You may be spoken to loudly enough to ring over the noise of the world but often God’s voice is thin and quiet. Often, if we’re not paying attention, communication can be missed. [Learn more…]
God speaks and what you’ve
heard means something.
Discernment is best done by searching outside of yourself. This could be done through research, conversations with God, conversations with others, or any other way you’re able to weigh options. [Learn more…]
When God calls your name,
you can’t help but to respond.
When we hear a call from God and we’ve discerned what that call might be to… we should be inspired to respond. The ways we can respond are diverse. [Learn more…]

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